[ APPLICATION CLOSED ] “A Working Title” workshop 2018-2019

Call for Applications

The Japan Foundation Asia Center

Training and Development Program for Film Curators and Screening Professionals

The Japan Foundation Asia Center calls for entries for the second edition of A Working Title” workshop: Training and Development Program for Film Curators and Screening Professionals for fiscal year 2018.We look forward to entries from many young curators!

Program schedule

and venue

1st phase : August 5-13, 2018 (nine days, including arrival/departure days) Venue: The Japan Foundation, Image Forum Festival 2nd phase: Early March 2019 (five days, TBD) Venue: TBD Participants are requested to contribute to the program development during the period between phases. *The schedule is subject to change, download the schedule here*
Details of program First Phase (Group workshop, Screening and Symposium in Tokyo) Second Phase (Screening, Study tour in Manilla)
  • The common language throughout the program will be English

Application Guidelines

Applicants should be:
  1. young and emerging film curators who are based in Japan or one of Southeast Asian Countries. We are expecting applicants around 45 years of age or younger, and has a professional career of roughly 15 years or less.
  2. those who have curated or organized more than three screening events / projects, either individually or collectively. Working as an assistant to senior curators may count.
  3. those who are committed to keep working on screening activities.
  4. those who can participate throughout the whole process of the Program.

Application Documents

  1. Entry Application Form (Form A)
  2. Program Proposal Form (Form B)
A proposal for a film screening program should be submitted. The proposal has to be prepared following the guidelines below:
  1. Choose Plan A. or B. and program a screening for one theme.
[Plan A.] Choose one of the themes below and program a screening with the concept of “resonant.”
  • Reverence for Nature - Aesthetics and Spirituality
  • Hybrid and Harmony - Polyphony
  • Identities in Diverse World - Emphasis on Individual
[Plan B.] Otherwise, program a screening for new audience in early twenties in order to promote cinematic diversity.
  1. Maximum number of films to be included in the program is THREE.
  2. Origins of selected films must be Southeast Asia and/or Japan.
  3. Upon preparing the description of the project (Section 4), please bear following points in mind;
-Please choose films which would be physically available and without copyright problems. -You must design practical audience development plan for targeted viewers.
Submission Deadline Applications must be submitted to :- Ms KUGAI Kyoko Email : The deadline for the application is June 28, 2018. Participants will be selected by the Japan Foundation Asia Center. Successful applicants will be informed by e-mail by early July 2018

Provision by Organizers

  • Round-trip economy-class air ticket to and from participant’s countries to Japan (First Phases) and to Manila (Second Phase) if the participants are not a resident of these countries.
  • Accommodation, local transportation, meals, traveler’s insurance.
  • Entrance fees for facilities visited during the program. (Participants are responsible for travel expenses between their houses and nearest airports and any fees unrelated to the program.)
  • Expenses to organize film screenings.

Contact Information

Should you have any query on the program, please contact Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur office at the following contacts : The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur ( Ms KUGAI Kyoko ) Email : | Tel : +603 2284 6228 or The Japan Foundation Asia Center (Tokyo) (Ms. MORIMUNE Atsuko Morimune) Email: Tel: +81-3-5369-6140 | Fax: +81-3-5369-6141 Address: 4-16-3 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan
This workshop were organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center and co-organized by Image Forum Festival.

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