The Japan Foundation Travel Support for Attendees to the 2020 AAS Annual Conference in Boston

The Japan Foundation Travel Support for Attendees to the 2020 AAS Annual Conference in Boston
Application Instructions for Scholars from ASEAN Countries

1.    Program Description
This travel support gives assistance to emerging young Asian scholars to attend the AAS Annual Conference held in Boston from March 19 to 22, 2020. By doing so, the Japan Foundation hopes to support scholars’ academic career development as well as to create stronger network cultivated among Japan scholars in Asia, North America, and Japan.

2.    Eligibility
Applicants shall fulfill all the followings: 
(1)    Scholars who have obtained Master’s degree and above;
(2)    Scholars who can participate in the conference for the full duration, from March 19 to 22, 2020. To attend the conference, scholars shall arrive in Boston on March 18 and leave March 23.

3.    Application Procedure
Please submit the the Application (download here) Form and Statement of Purpose (up to 2 pages) to info[at]jfkl[dot]org[dot]my The deadline is 11 October 2019.

4.    Items to be Provided
(1)    Conference registration fee;
(2)    Airfare for a round trip between the nearest airport from ones residence and Boston International Airport. The Japan Foundation only covers cost for discount-economy tickets less than USD 1,500.00. Exceeding amount shall be borne by awardees;
(3)    Accommodation for 5 nights (Check-in: March 18, Check-out March 23).
*Provided in-kind / Awardees must stay in the hotel provided by the Japan Foundation.

5.    Selection Policy:
Higher priority is given to:
(1)    Emerging scholars who are teaching about Japan at the higher educational institutions; 
(2)    Scholars whose panel/paper proposal has been accepted by the AAS Program Committee;
(3)    Scholars who will make a presentation in a panel at the AAS annual conference for the first time.

6.    Basic Terms and Conditions:
(1)    Awardees are required to arrive a day before the conference starts (March 19, 2020) and leave a day after the conference ends (March 23, 2020) to/from Boston area to cover the whole duration of conference and related activities of the Japan Foundation;
(2)    Awardees are required to attend at least 5 panel sessions related to Japan, and shall report on those panels in their final report;
(3)    Awardees are required to attend meetings/events held by the Japan Foundation scheduled before and after the conference. The detail will be provided later;
(4)    If awardees were found not following the above (1) and/or (2), the Japan Foundation may ask awardees for refund of costs that the Japan Foundation bore for them;
(5)    If awardees decided not to attend the conference after they submit the “acceptance form”, the Japan Foundation may ask you for refund of costs that the Japan Foundation bore for the awardees;
(6)    Awardees must submit a final report by April 30, 2020;
(7)    Awardees must obtain necessary visa for entry to U.S.A, and bear the cost;
(8)    This travel support provides financial assistance but does not cover the whole cost of travel. Items not covered in the above “4. Items to be Provided” and/or amount exceeding the limit must be borne by the Awardee. Also, the Japan Foundation strongly recommends the awardees to acquire travel insurance by themselves.
(9)    Awardees are requested not to bring any family members, etc. with them during the program.

7.    Results Notification:
Results will be announced by the early November, 2019.

8.    Contact:
Mr. Sulatan bin Ibrahim
Tel. 03-2284 6228


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