Borak Arts Series 2015 [GEORGE TOWN FESTIVAL 2015]

The third installment of the region’s primary arts conference features key industry practitioners and administrators who will discuss an array of topics imperative to breaking boundaries and strengthening relationships across ASEAN communities.

Sachio Ichimura, the programme director of Festival/Tokyo, is slated to appear at Pitchpad on the second day, where ten Southeast Asian arts projects will be pitched to a line-up of festival directors and venue providers.

Time: 29 & 30 August, 2015
Venue: St. Giles Wembley, Penang
Admission: RM80 for 1-Day Pass, RM150 for 2-Day Pass

For more information, visit the official website or contact My Performing Arts Agency at 03 6207 9566 and

Ichimura_photo?Junya SuzukiSachio Ichimura
Programme director, Festival/Tokyo

Born in 1949. He has served as an administrator for Sankai Juku, lecture director at Toyota Art Management, programme advisor for Park Tower Art Programme, president of Theater TV, administrative director of Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts, and director of Tokyo International Arts Festival.

His long career has seen him work in Japan and overseas in performing arts programming and production, as well as cultural facility operations, arts management, projects connecting corporations with culture, and NPO research. Ichimura is currently Chairman of NPO Arts Network Japan, in addition to being an associate professor in the Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Hirotomo Kojima
Deputy director, Festival/Tokyo

An art coordinator at Kyoto Art Centre since 2007, Kojima is a long-time staff member of Art Network Japan and spent two years as director of Arterio Theatre at the Kawasaki Art Centre. In 2012, he became a producer and administrator at Festival/Tokyo, where he has risen to his current position of deputy director.


Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is an international performing arts event where diverse values across nationalities, generations and genres interact with and inspire each other to forge new possibilities.

Launched in February 2009, F/T is based mainly in the area of Ikebukuro in northwest Tokyo. Over its previous seven festivals, it has staged 190 productions and 1,522 performances, achieving audiences of over 420,000 people. It is held annually as an international arts festival representing not only Tokyo and Japan but also the whole of Asia, renowned for its cutting-edge line-up of domestic and overseas artists, and its programme of interactive and participatory events.

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