2020 Japanese Skit Contest


We are delighted to announce The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur has once again successfully organized the 2020 Japanese Skit Contest. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their enthusiastic responses and efforts in producing creative skits based on the theme “X”.

This contest invites the Japanese language learners in Malaysia who are 17 years old and above and currently learning Japanese language either at college, university, preparatory and language centres or any educational tertiary institutions to submit their entries. The video skit must not exceed ten minutes and be produced by a team of not more than ten members, including both casts and crews. 

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the participants managed to compose such interesting videos using their creativity while facing the limitations of the Movement Control Orders. Although it was a tough decision, five finalists were selected for the final round where the judges had viewed and decided who walked away with the best prizes!

Here are the winners!

**All results are final and no-negotiable. The winners will be contacted by the organisers regarding the prizes.

The finalists’ skits can be viewed via the following URL links:

1st Place
NotNotts Team (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus)
Skit Title: 人生のまるばつ / The X’s and O’s of Life
2nd Place
USM 秘密Team(Team Himitsu – Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Skit Title: OX: 日記の秘密 / OX: The Secret Diary
3rd Place
Maguro Team (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Skit Title: クリスマス / X‘mas
4th Place
だるまTeam (Team Daruma – Pusat Bahasa Teikyo)
Skit Title: “X”の日 / The “X” Day
5th Place
輝く星 Team (Team Kagayaku Hoshi – Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Skit Title: 何してるの / What are you doing

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of the following Sponsors and Organizers who have very generously contributed among others, amazing prizes for our 2020 Japanese Skit Contest. We are incredibly thankful for their continuous generous contributions.



Due to the current Movement Control Order (MCO) the Final Screening scheduled on 23 January 2021 had to be CANCELLED. However, the judgement on the finalists’ skits will still be done by the judges and organisers. The result will be announced in the final week of January. Updates will be posted on our website and social media platforms, so be sure to stay alert!

Despite the challenges, we are happy to announce that the skits advancing to the final round have been selected! Below are the team names and the title of their skits in no particular order:
1.だるまTeam (Skit Title: “X”の日 / The “X” Day ) – Pusat Bahasa Teikyo
2.NotNotts Team (Skit Title: 人生のまるばつ / The X’s and O’s of Life) – University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
3.USM Maguro Team (Skit Title: クリスマス / X‘mas) – Universiti Sains Malaysia
4.USM 秘密Team(Skit Title: OX: 日記の秘密 / OX: The Secret Diary) Universiti Sains Malaysia
5.USM の輝く星 Team (Skit Title: 何してるの / What are you doing) – Universiti Sains Malaysia

We would like to thank all those who had sent in their entries and wishing the advancing teams good luck for the final round.




The objective of the contest is to enhance Japanese language communicative competence among non-
native Japanese language learners in Malaysia. By allowing participants to submit their video skits
through YouTube, the contest has made it easier for students to participate in the contest irrespective of
where they are. 

Theme of the Video 
‘ X ’– Contents of videos must clearly depict this theme and use the Japanese language creatively so as
to portray this message across. The theme can be interpreted based on your own perspective.

What's New Information & Downloads

30 January 2021

Japanese Skit Contest 2020 Result Announcement!

16 January 2021

The finalists have been selected for the final round! 

16 January 2021


Final Screening on 23 January 2021 is CANCELLED. Video skits judgement will still be carried out by the judges and organisers. The result will be announced in the last week of January.
18 November 2020
The JFF 2020 Highlight: Remote Films is a good inspiration to kickstart your skit! 


27 October 2020

Closing date extends to 3 January 2021.


1 September 2020
Call for Participants 
20 July 2020
(Deadline: 3 Jan 2021)
(1) Read the>>FLYER<<
(2) Read the >>RULES & REGULATIONS<<
(3)Upload your skit video to>>YOUTUBE<<
(4)Set your video to >>UNLISTED<<
(5) Upload the >>APPLICATION FORM<< at 
Internal Screening To be updated. 


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