Japanese Culture Session Dorayaki Workshop

In February, the Japanese Language Department brought together JFKL students and the wider public to make dorayaki, a type of traditional Japanese confectionery. The workshop was held as part of an introduction to Japanese language and culture course to present opportunities for learners to practise their fluency and experience Japanese customs at the same time.

Following step-by-step instructions, the participants ran the entire gamut from preparing the batter and cooking the cakes to spooning the anko (red bean paste) filling between the two golden brown patties. As the process was fairly simple and straightforward, the class succeeded without much difficulty even on their first attempt.

Some participants also got creative and moulded the cakes into various shapes, rather than the conventional round one. All in all, they enjoyed the sessions and expressed their wish to join future culinary workshops.

by Yennie Poon (JFKL) | 18 & 25 February, 2017 @ The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur

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