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About CAD

Cultural Affairs Department

The Cultural Affairs Department, formerly known as Japan Cultural Centre, has been active in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. We are aiming to enhance cultural and intellectual activities that promote better bilateral understanding between Malaysia and Japan. We organize, support and provide information for internationally collaborative projects that contribute to better multilateral understanding and solving shared problems among Asian countries.



The CAD organises and/or support events in Malaysia usually in collaboration with Malaysian organisations, to enhance communication and build strong network among arts practitioners, as well as introducing divers aspects of Japan to Malaysian audience through arts.

We organize:
1. Larger scale event in conjunction with the foreign policies.
2. Authentic traditional performances.
3. Programs with artistic values which contribute to both Japanese and Malaysian art scenes.
4. Not-for-Profit based events which cannot be supported by commercial sector.
5. Grass-roots programs to introduce Japanese cultures, especially to rural areas.
6. Networking programs for professional to semi-professional arts practitioners between Japan and Malaysia.

Our Program Includes:
–  Japanese Film Festival
–  Exhibitions (Arts, design, photography etc…)
–  Performing Arts (Dance, Theatre, Music Concerts etc…)
–  Cultural Festivals and Activities (Tea ceremony, Chirimen, Origami, Yukata etc…)

For more detail please check our coming events.



JFKL offers several schemes of grant to enhance independent and spontaneous cultural exchange.

1.  JFKL Small Grant (for Japan Related Arts Programs)
JFKL offers grant to cover partial expenses for implementing cultural events and  intellectual activities that fall into categories of the Japan Foundation programs. The grant is awarded to the projects, which can further promote understanding of Japan in social sciences and humanities or cultural field. We accept applications throughout the year for the this small grant with the amount of not more than RM14,000 per project. The basic scheme of the grant is to invite Japanese artist/scholers/practitioners from Japan.

2. The Japan Foundation Annual Grant and Fellowship (JF Head Quater Grant)
The centre is a gateway for Malaysian applicants to the Japan Foundation’s grant programmes which is open globally. The details of the programmes can be found at the website of the foundation’s headquarter ( A summary of programmes below provides you with an idea of our working areas.

–  Fellowship by Invitation for Scholars
–  Performing Arts Exchange  and Dispatching Cultural Specialist
–  Exhibition of Japanese Arts
–  Translating and Publishing Japanese books to other languages
–  Organizing International Conference
–  Intensive Japanese Language Training in Japan for Cultural Specialist: Curator, Librarian, Researcher

For more detail please visit GRANT for Arts and Culture .



Other than self organized event and grant support, we still have range of service to help you promote Japanese culture.

1. Logo Support
If you are organizing Japan related programs, you can apply for logo support to obtain support and publicity in JFKL’s material.  Detail for this program can be found at GRANT for Arts and Culture .

2. Cultural Material Loan
If you are organizing Japanese Festival within your school, we have range of cultural materials for you to loan. Detail for this program can be found at RESOURCE for Arts and Culture.

3. Information and Database
Over the years the Japan Foundation had developed numerous database, interviews, researches about Japanese arts and culture.  JFKL will help you find right sorce of information. Detail for this program can be found at RESOURCE for Arts and Culture.